HELP !!! I lost PE6.0 and SSPro3.0 BAD -- How to get back?!

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HELP !!! I lost PE6.0 and SSPro3.0 BAD -- How to get back?!

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HELP !!!

Newbie to the board here -- I'm a POOR grad student recovering from aerospace layoffs via retraining and CAN'T afford to re-purchase PE6.0 and SSPro3.0. I lost them in BAD crash (long story--backup was also lost due to sales fraud), and didn't know to register them when bought years ago.

I have the product number for one, and the purchase receipt/invoice for the other; this was before the Corel buyout.

CS wasn't helpful, recommended me to Tech Support. I NEED these products for lateral into eBay consigning, Amazon book reselling has tanked due to "recession".

I'm not optimistic about a techie giving me a download freebie, but whom might I ask? Also, do any of you have old CDROMs of these obsolete tools that could be offered to help me out? Legally, of course (I don't know the Ulead/Corel rules about sharing old products)?

I bought these once and can't afford it twice, believe me -- it would be SO helpful if someone knows a way that I can get the tools back and initiate my re-introduction to eBay. THANKS for any help anyone can offer!