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I use Ulead Photo Exployer 8.5 and Mozilla Thunderbird. In the Photo Exployer, the function "Send to Mail Recipient" doesn't work any more. The line is greyed and is not active.
How can I reactivate it?
Dan Zoll
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Welcome to the forums,

First I want to caution you on using your email address as a username and including it in your post. The forums get bombarded with spam bots continuously that are looking for email addresses. If you want to post your email address use something like this myemail_at something_dot_com. That way the spam bots will not see it..;) If you would like to change your username just PM Steve (sjj1805) or I and we can change it for you..

Now on to your issue..

Are you perhaps running it on Vista? PE is not compatible with Vista. I've just discovered the same thing with my version (8.6 which comes with PI). I also use Thunderbird. I'll have to do some further checking. I have Thunderbird setup for a Pop-mail account (SMTP), and I know that the email program needs to use the MAPI protocol.
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