Slide Showing Timing: Pictures Displaying Every Second

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Slide Showing Timing: Pictures Displaying Every Second

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When I set the minimum time for both transitions and well as for photo display duration to 1 second during slide show, it still takes several seconds for each action. If I disable transactions altogether, photos still take a lot longer than 1 second to display, I would say 3 or even 4 seconds.

I am not a PC newbie and I have other photo s/w that seems to have no trouble with quick displays of my pictures, so I know it's not a system limitation. (XP Pro, 1GB RAM, 2.8GHz processor) What am I missing?


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When using transitions, you will have more than 1 second of display time. Transitions use the display time of each adjacent photo. So if you have 2 photos that are each 1 sec, then the transition must use half of each photos display time, making the transition 1 second long. Now add each photos new duration time of .5 seconds, which would make the total time of the image (fading-in, static, fading-out), 2 seconds.

However with PE, you can not have a duration less than 1 second, which would be required to have images appear for no more than 1 second using transitions.

I managed to create a slideshow using a 1 sec image duration, without transitions, and the photos were only displayed for 1 second.

I too have other programs, such as VideoStudio, MediaStudio Pro8, DVD MovieFactory that allows more control over things like this. I can create slideshows where the images are only displayed for 1 frame. In video (which is what your slideshow actually is), there are 29.97 (NTSC) or 25 (PAL) frames for every second, (this is standard TV frame rates. Other frame rates are possible). So if you want rapid display of images, then you will need to use a more robust program..
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Yeah, that's what I figured. It seemed pretty easy to do. But, I've not been able to get a slide show to have 1 second pics with no transitions. They still seem several seconds long each. Any secrets here?