AMD/AIW resurrects All-In-Wonder

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AMD/AIW resurrects All-In-Wonder

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AIW Daughter Card
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AMD Revives All-In-Wonder Video Card Line

All-In-Wonder HD can record unprotected cable programs and HDTV over-the-air shows

ATI announced today an all-new ATI All-In-Wonder HD video card that promises Radeon gaming performance combined with ATI TV Wonder HD tuning in one PCIe card. ATI says that the one All-In-Wonder HD solution will allow for PC gaming as well as tuning and recording of digital HDTV and analog TV programming.

The ATI All-In-Wonder HD can play full 1080p films from Blu-ray discs using the ATI unified video decoder. The video card is AMD LIVE! Ready and is certified for Windows Vista. The video acceleration and recording functionality for the card is powered by ATI Theater 650 Pro hardware MPEG-2 encoding technology. On the gaming side the card supports DirectX 10.1 and fully supports PCI Express 2.0.

Bundled with the card is the ATI Catalyst Media Center software that allows for easy viewing and recording of live TV programming from over-the-air HD broadcasts and unprotected cable streams. The card also features built-in support for Dolby 5.1 Digital surround sound sent through an integrated HDMI port and a dual-link DVI port is integrated as well.

Techgage reports that the GPU is based on the older RV635 PRO technology used in the HD 3650. Clock speed for the GPU is 725MHz and the memory clock is 600MHz. A small daughter card connects to the main video card by way of a cable and secures in a PCI slot on the case, but doesn¡¦t actually connect to the PCI bus of the mainboard. When added the daughter card allows for S-Video, stereo in and out and component video.

The MSRP for the ATI All-In-Wonder HD card is $199.

This is the first new ATI All-In-Wonder card we have seen in a long time. The All-In-Wonder line was killed off back in 2006.
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