New here..problems with Ulead 8.5 and camera videos

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New here..problems with Ulead 8.5 and camera videos

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Hi...I just signed up. I'm not very computer savy. Bought a Sanyo VPC-E760 camera, thought I had done everything I needed with the disk and then found out I couldn't download videos I had made. Read a while and it seems I was supposed to have downloaded Ulead Explorer...can't find the I went to website and downloaded free trial version of Ulead 8.5. All it does is jam up on me and make me start over. Very frustrating. My camera book is NO help!! Does anyone know if there is something else I should have downloaded instead? I want to make 8.5 go away, but I don't know how. Any simple suggestions?

I did read the FAQ. I don't seem to have a User manual, etc...maybe because I have the trial version. I have read a few of the posts...most seem above my head. Maybe I just need to uninstall, but I don't know how.
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Welcome to the forums,

Most likely the Photo Explorer version that came with your camera was a special edition tweaked for your camera, and only available through the camera manufacturer. The Full version PE 8.5 may not work well with your camera, especially the video.

How does your camera connect to your PC, using a USB cable? If so does windows see your camera, through windows explorer? Most of the time you can move the data from cameras to your PC through Windows Explorer. With your camera plugged into your PC, open up windows explorer (My Computer icon), to see if it shows your Camera. If so click on the camera icon, and it should open it so that you can access the files. Then it's just a matter of moving or copying them to your hard drive.

To remove a program from Windows XP, just go to the Control Panel, Select Add/Remove Programs. In the Add/Remove Programs, scroll to the program you want to uninstall, and click on Change/Remove.
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