Multilanguage DVD problems

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Multilanguage DVD problems

Post by weaver »

My friend assembled my DVD with 3 languages on his DVD-LAB SW.
We have checked the disk on his PC and also on his Thomson DVD player.
Everything worked fine.
At home I have several DVD players and recorders and find that on 2 of then DVD is shows up as unknown.
The newest one from Samsung (about 4 month old player) shows an error message PLAY PROHIBITED, while my very reliable 3 years old JVC DVD recorder (until today it played everything what I had), remains in STOP mode and I cannot start.

All other DVD players, even the cheapest portable units of my son and all my notebooks and desktops have no problem with the DVD.

Any idea what van be wrong?

Thank you for your help.
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Post by Devil »

Moved from DVD-WS as it has nothing to do with Ulead software.

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