08: PSP X2: Creating electric spikes around objects

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08: PSP X2: Creating electric spikes around objects

Post by tsiozos »

Hello, everyone. My name is Thanos Siozos and I've been a long time user of Corel products esp. Videostudio and PSPX2. Now, it's time for a PSPX2 tutorial.

Well, I hear you say: Enough of the chit-chat. How can I electrify :D objects on my photos without paying a dime to the power company?

Do you mean something like this?
If yes, then follow these steps:

1. Load the image in PSP X2 (of course :D)

2. Duplicate the background layer and rename the duplicated layer to "spikes")

3. NOTICE: All subsequent effects are applied to the "spikes" layer.

4. Use the filter Edge effects/ Trace contour:

5. Use Image/Negative image.
CHECK POINT: Remember we do everything in the "spikes" layer. The background is left untouched. So far you should have something like this:

6. Use the brush tool with black color to brush out all unwanted edges. Use an appropriate brush and set Hardness low (around 30-50). Hopefully you'll get something like this:

7. Use the Effects/Edge Effects/Dilate filter. Use it twice (Ctrl-Y) if you want a more pronounced effect.

8. And now the best part: Use the Effects/Texture effects/fur filter to add the spikes. Suggested settings blur=26, density=70, length=8, transparency=118. Tweak these settings until it looks right:

9. Now we'll color the spikes with a blue tint to make it look more like cartoonish electrocution. With the "spikes" layer selected create a new layer group (Layers/New Layer Group...)

10. Set the group's blend mode to Screen

11. Inside the group and above the "spikes" layer add a Hue/Sat/Lightness adjustment layer. In the adjustment tab check the "Colorize" box and set saturation=73, hue=219, lightness=0.

12. Tada!!!! Your electrocuted image. As a final step paint with a black brush in the "spikes" layer to remove any spikes you don't like.


Good luck to everyone!
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Post by allicorn »

Oo! I like that. Very clever :-)

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Post by cadr168 »

woh~brillient girl!!
I like this one. :D :D