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Email videos

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Im so sorry if this has been discussed/answered. I'm definitely in over my head. I thougth buying a digital video camera (Canon HG10) and taking videos of my kids, then putting them on the computer and emailing to out of town family would be simple. I was wrong. All my videos are in .m2ts format. I have no idea what that is, but I do know it's too big to email and can't be opened by anyone like .mpeg files can. I thougth getting the full version of Corel would give me some kind of program to run my videos through to change the format to something more compatible, and smaller. If that option is available, I can't find it anywhere. Any simple help that can be offered, in very simple and small words, is so greatly appreciated!
Thank you.
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For tutorials see the link under my signature.

Do a search for mt2s and you will surely find some threads to help you.

As far as emailing video, I think you are beating your head against the wall. You would be better off posting your videos to video sharing sites that your family can visit. With sites such as Veoh you can make your own private channel that only your invited guests can see (not sure if YouTube has this feature).
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