Ulead Photo Express 4.0 stoped to run

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Ulead Photo Express 4.0 stoped to run

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Hi friends,

A friend of mine use Photo Express 4.0 PT-BR, under Windows XP SP2, (now updated to SP3) since 3 years to work her wedding invitation service. She does not read english and would had some difficulty to use Ulead PE 6.0. Thus she need go ahead with PE 4.0.

The question is that, in the begin of the year she had some troubles with WinXP caused we suppose by viruses and that damaged her PE 4 . The solution some weeks later was format her C: partition and reinstall Windows again.

The technician which performed that install, among other things and not so useful and needed utilities, installed the Codec Pack. After the WinXP adjustments, Ulead PE 4.0 remain not responding accordingly.

After a day of visit to Internet Forum I found here a solution. Uninstall the Codec Pack, and BINGO!!!, PE begun work again.

For two months she could work well. But now she is again with the same or almost same problem. Ulead does not run anymore. And she already uninstalled a dozen of times, cleaned the folders at Program Files, cleaned the Windows Registry with CCleaner, Easy Cleaner, MVRegcleaner, and analyzed with HijackThis, performed a complet search with AVG, AVAST, and nothing resulted in some positive answer by part of PE 4.0.

Restauration points for XP does not resulted in positive action. She restaured sometimes, but no one helped.

I am to far from her house to personaly help reinstalling Windows for her, and all what I could think I suggested to her to do, but she does not know what to do to get his service in order using his PE 4.

I told her that maybe something is causing conflict, but what? DrWatson does not detect nothing, and I can not see what could be done to help her.

The technician where she lives seem does not care correctly with a case of this type. And to reinstall XP they does not take care accordingly too. Than call a technician is practicaly put her bucks for the window.

I suggested her to make more once a complete cleaning, and install PE 6 in english at least to establish a parallel and see if 6 work well. But was only what I could think, by now.

Someone has some ideia what could be done to try to get back PE runing?

I did read the response from Ted, but I am not sure if him can give us some time to tell about. I would be grateful if him or someone could give us some type of help.


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I think she is getting a codec conflict with her PE 4.

All I can suggest is to use a tool named AVICodec to list all the codecs in her system and report back, then we can see if we can help.

AVICodec: http://avicodec.duby.info/

BTW, DON'T follow the instructions on that page to install the codec packs, just install AVICodec itself on her system to check.

I might be busy but I believe others on this forum could help you, too. ;)

Ted (H.T.)

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