14 minute vid: best format for cd distribution?

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14 minute vid: best format for cd distribution?

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I've had great success with creating my vid using VS 11+. No problems with the software. The video filters and audio control features are great.

I saved the VSP project file, and I also made a master uncompressed AVI copy: 29.97, 720x480, 4:3 AR, No non-square pixel rendering, Frame-type = frame-based, audio = PCM 32000 16bit stereo. Target Playback = Custom, and did not Pad Frames. Obviously, it's a huge file.

My objective: choose one or two output formats, burn onto laser media, and then distribute the vid without worrying about compatibility, including some international use. The target player is a computer in an office setting, not a televison. I want the highest quality I can get, and I want PC & Mac compatibility.

I don't currently have a DVD burner.

What I DO have is VS11, Flash 5, and some aftermarket flv and swf converters.

The way I see it, here are my options:
1 - Output the vid in both wmv and mov formats, use custom compression parameters so that each ends up at about 350MB in size, burn both onto a cd, and assume that just about everyone on the planet can play either a .wmv or a .mov.

2 - Convert the master uncompressed avi to an flv or swf, import it into Flash 5, then make PC and Mac Projector files, then use MacImage software to create an auto-run cd that will play the Flash movie on either PC's or Mac's. (Auto-run is not a high priority for me, it's just what my research sez is possible).

3 - Learn more about DVD, get a DVD burner, use the DVD format.

Have I missed a better option floating around out there? I'm not interested in the DivX and similar "newer" formats because they just don't have the existing universal compatibility you get with wmv, mov, flash, and DVD.

Does my Option 1 sound reasonable, or does it have a flaw I obviously don't know about?

My problem with Option 2 is that I'm a Flash noob, and I don't know if Flash will let me simply import an flv from an aftermarket converter AND then tailor output so that I get a hi-quality output Flash movie for my Projector file. I've tried importing a .mov, but it doesn't work. I know that I can pay big bucks to upgrade to a newer version of Flash and get better video import capability, but that's not really in the budget.

My problem with Option 3 is that i don't know beans about DVD. I know the quality can be stellar, but I don't know how universally compatible it is for use on office computers, especially those in other countries.

I hope this isn't too wordy. I'm open to any and all suggestions, THANKS!