16: PhotoImpact - Change the characters for your photos

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16: PhotoImpact - Change the characters for your photos

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Do you want to be a superstar on the poster? Do you hunger to hug Angelina Jolie in the picture? Now you could make your dreams come true.

1.Open target (the one you want to edit) and source images.
2.Select source image
3.Object/ Extract Object

4.Draw out the object you want to extract with brush. It must be an enclosed boundary/ Next

5.Click anywhere outside of the boundary to reject the rest of the area/ Next

6.Set the detail level/ Next

7.Use Add or Eraser brush to complete the extraction. (Tips: Use Add to fix all tiny holes on the edge first, and then use Eraser to do final trim.)/ Next

8.Extracted object is showed by black and white dotted line.

9.Drag the object to the proper place.

10.Apply some effect (Image Enhancements/ Style/ Season/ Winter here)
11.Now we edit the background of film name (Eight Below) as transparent.
12.Use Standard Selection Tool to select film name.
13.Right-click/ Convert to Object

14.Web/ Image Optimizer/ Selected objects/ OK
15.Select GIF Image Optimizer mode
16.Set the Similarity higher.
17.Use Add to Mask tool to pick the color which we want to erase. Click on the white background of film name.

18.The white background has been erase as transparent/ Save As/ *1.GIF
19.Edit/ Undo Before to change back the object to selection/ press [Delete] key
20.Open the *1.GIF to check the background has been erase.

21.Now we are going to erase some other words on poster.
22.Use Touch-up Tool/ Press [Shift] key to define starting point/ left-click on mouse to do Clone

23.All dogs are ready on their positions.

24.Press [Ctrl] key to chose all of them/ drag them to a new image

25.Use Bezier Curve Tool to select all dogs/ press [Delete] key

26.Drag new dogs back to target image

27.Use Clone Tool to fix the empty backgrounds (the same as step 22.)

28.Right-click on all dogs/ Merge All
29.Use Cloud Pen to make cloudy effect/ Set the Spacing as 100 or higher

30.Put the edited GIF film name back.

31.You could also put the funny face of your friend on it. I believe you can do it better!
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Nice work!
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Useful and nice easy to follow instructions. Well done.
Good luck in the competition.