Runtime Errors

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Runtime Errors

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I got Ulead PE 8.5 with my new Speed camcorder, and was happy with its function, except that it would automatically keep my photos in a file (Ulead.dat) that my media centre didn't look in. I now have a much bigger problem though... I was moving some baby photos into a new empty folder under the Ulead tree so they could be saved for printing. I think all I did was create a new folder in the section where Ulead automatically stores the photos. Next time I tried to open Ulead it could not open properly and gave this message: Microsoft visual basic C++ runtime library - runtime error! - program:...ulead systems\ulead photo explorer 8.5SEBasic\Pex.exe - abnormal program termination. This message was displayed in a error box and the only option is to click the OK botton and then Ulead closes. Furthermore, I got worried about the photos and went searching through my computer and looked in the Ulead trees and could not find any trace of them. I have no idea what happened, and I don't know how to fix the problem. I thought about re-installing the software, but I am worried that the photos might get lost. So that is my actual question - could the photos be somehow lost & should I re-install using the disc?
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The files are probably marked as hidden. If so, you will need to use Windows advanced search features to find them. Irfanview might help. At least that is the situation with Corel MediaOne thumbs.
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Runtime error starting PEX

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My solution:
I found another solution(workaround) instead of reinstalling the program:
1. Try to remember wich devices you used in de Photo explorer (USB-stick, external drive, DVD- CD-drive, or photo-camera connected by USB;
2. You can only start PEX(Photo Explorer) with a volume loaded in this devices!
3. if you don¡¦t remember wich devices you used before, plug in a volume in every device your system has.
4. Start PEX. On my system it is then starting without error!
5. If PEX is normaly started: goto File/Preferences/ (or F6 key), take category Cache and under ¡§History¡¨ clean all adresses and maps by clicking the button.
6. Close PEX. Remove all the volume¡¦s you don¡¦t need;
7. Restart PEX. Now the program will start without any error.
8. Advice: each time you use PEX with an external device do action 5. before closing the program.