15:Corel PhotoImpact X3: [How to design your photo template]

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15:Corel PhotoImpact X3: [How to design your photo template]

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1.Open a new image file and setup it as blow:


2.Please devide into 3 parts, now click Web\Grid and Partition, then setup it as below, please remember to check the item "Convert cells to objects"


3.Now click Show layer manager, you will see there are 3 objects. Please click object-1, then click "create a layer mask". Please also do that for object-2 and object-3.


4.Now select the object-1, then right click your mouse, select "Properties", it will pop up a new window, please check the item "Placeholder". (Attention: if you can't check this item, it means you have to convert the object into image firstly.) Please also do that for object-2 and object-3


5.Now click Share\Photo Projects, it will open a new window, click Browse and then drag the photo to the template.


6.Click OK and save it as UFP file for further using.

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I didn't realise place holders existed - thank you for submitting this, a useful function that will have many uses.

Good luck in the competition.
:) :) :)
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Great Tutorial

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Good luck with your tutorial. I know it will come in handy!