PEX8 95pc Solved, Repoint Video Ed (File | Preference) path

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PEX8 95pc Solved, Repoint Video Ed (File | Preference) path

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Years ago I set up (File | Preferences... | Image Editor ) to use Fireworks (MX 2004). I now have a newer version of Fireworks ( CS ) and am trying to change the Image Editor Path. Without success at first. The EXE name is the same for each version.

For instance, I completely cleared the setting, closed PEX, restarted and then tried to update a blank setting. I say tried. When I clicked the blank check box to the left of the blank Name box, a dialog popped up with the old Fireworks icon.

Ignoring the icon, and used the [Other...] button on the Add a Program dialog to navigate to the newer version, when I clicked [Open] on the resulting Open dialog, I was returned to the Image Editor -- instead of the path I navigated to, the path to the OLD version of Fireworks displayed.

After a number of experiments I was able to directly paste in the path, to File | Settings | Preferences... | Image Editor.

This correctly brought up the new version, alone.

The image doesn't come up (this problem also existed with the earlier version of Fireworks). Fireworks accepts a full path name to a photo form a command line. Suggestions gladly accepted.
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