Immediate help needed!!!! SD card fujifilm help

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Immediate help needed!!!! SD card fujifilm help

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I have a fujifilm 2gb SD card and a 'vivitar 7100s' digital camera. The problem i am having is i am not able to access the card via my computer.

I have installed the software and can upload the internal memory photos, but can't upload the photos on my memory card via the camera. It comes up with 'please insert a disk into drive E'. Ihave taken photos on this card and viewed them by the camera so i don't understand the problem.

I am led to believe that it is possible to upload the photos from the camera, and want to avoid getting a card reader.

Does anyone have any suggestions that could help me with this problem as to what i can do?

Many thanks
JD :wink:
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As card readers are so cheap it would be best to buy one to use and it will save wear and tear on the camera at the same time.
I assume you have connected the camers to the pc via a usb cable?
Does windows explorer then see the card as removable drive "e"?
But you cannot see the contents of the card in drive E?
Have you checked for other drive letters?