Dolby 5.1 lost when title is cut

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Dolby 5.1 lost when title is cut

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I have a movie using 5.1 dolby surround to which I added subtitles.
I have some deleted scenes that I want to insert.

The easiest way to do this is to cut the movie title into two parts and insert a deleted scene in the middle. The advantage is that the two movie parts retain their subtitles at the right spots and you don't have to resync them.

Problem: because of the split, DWS2 needs to "convert video"/"convert audio" for both parts of the main movie: after all the single MPG file now becomes 2 smaller MPG files and AC3 audio files due to the split.
The "convert audio" however removes the dolby 5.1 and replaces it by the project default - which is some dolby stereo version.

Just like it can "pass through" process the video stream, it could also "pass through" the audio stream but doesn't. Can this be avoided, i.e. retain the Dolby 5.1?

A workaround would be to manually split the main movie by some editor that does not modify the dolby 5.1 audio stream (but what editor?) instead of having DWS do this. But then a new problem occurs: the 2nd part of the movie needs all its subtitles resync-ed as the second part starts at 0:00.00 again instead of (say) 29:43.10

Any suggestions on keeping dolby 5.1, subtitles and allowing inserted scenes?