Lack of support for Cool3D

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Lack of support for Cool3D

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I purchased Cool3d Production studio a while ago, and purchased the on-line version.

I subsequently have had a problem with Windows, and had to re-install, but now my download links do not work. I did have a backup, but it was also affected by my problem (ATA throughput bug in my VIA chipset). No problem, I thought, I'll contact Corel support, where the ulead page now directs you.

When I contacted Corel UK, they told me that Cool3d is not supported any longer, and they would be unable to help me. I pointed out that it is still sold at and you can download a free trial for it. "Ah, but thats the .com site, not the site". It appears that Ulead/Corel dont support the product in the UK, but are quite happy to sell it to you! :?

Now I am not after some free upgrade or anything. I have the email invoice I was sent by the customer service when I purchased the software. I just want to get hold of the same media files (Cool3d Production Studio and Plug-in Madness III)I have already spent money on, to get the functionality I had before.

It appears I cannot do this. The rep I spoke to was polite and everything, but basically I had to ring off because she was no help whatsoever. :(

My other gripe with the support, now that its with Corel, is that ALL the ulead support pages make promises of contact via email, but when you click the links, it goes to a default Corel support page. I'm sure they worked when Ulead were in control of their own destiny, but no longer. It is impossible to get email support now - you need to ring the number. Before I waste money on a support call to the US (and its not picked up quick either) is there any other course of action I can take?


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As with any downloaded version of software that you buy from a vendor, you need to contact that vendor not Corel support.

Download links do not stay active indefinitely, the expire after a few days. That fact is usually mentioned in the email which provides the link. It is your responsibility to make a backup of the downloaded installer program for such occasions.

If you purchased and downloaded the program only fairly recently and it is still available for sale, the vendor usually would make another download link available.