Unknown DVD

Andy Watkins
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Unknown DVD

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I have successfully produced a dvd using DVD Workshop 2 (my first one)
Everything works OK with chapters and tiltles, but when played on a computer it is labelled as "Unknown DVD" yet I have named the volume.
Can I fix this?
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What player are you using to try and view it? Please fill in the details as per PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING

[size=84]P4 Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz/Elite NVidia NF650iSLIT-A/2 Gb dual channel FSB 1333 MHz/Gainward NVidia 7300/2 x 80 Gb, 1 x 300 Gb, 1 x 200 Gb/DVCAM DRV-1000P drive/ Pan NV-DX1&-DX100/MSP8/WS2/PI11/C3D etc.[/size]