Slow renders ... Engine swap ?

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Slow renders ... Engine swap ?

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Is it at all posible to "swap" the rendering engine from C3D 3.5 for the one that's in C3DPS 1.01 ?

I haven't read every post, but it seems the general thought is that C3D 3.5 is faster than the one in C3DPS. If that's true, is there an executable file that can be "swapped" out from one program to the other?

Maybe there's a way to overlay C3DPS on top of C3D 3.5. Get faster renders times and the power of C3DPS.

I'm not a software guy so I don't know if it's even in the realm of posibility, but just a thought.

I'd spend the money to buy [in addition to C3DPS] Cool 3.5 and sacrifice it just for the render engine file(s).

Oh, while I'm in fantasy land, is there a way to force C3DPS to use 3 of the 4 processors in my "Quad" chip [the same question for Video Studio 11P as well]?

I need to setup a video profile as outlined here -
but still, I have a pretty fast computer with minimal processes running.