how do you do this in dvdws2

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how do you do this in dvdws2

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What is the proper way to have multiple titles play in a row without going back to last menu after each title plays? I always create blank menus not the templates.

In WS1 I would have three titles set up and I would right click on the first title and gave me the option to play next title or go back to last visited menu. I would repeat this for the 2nd title and on 3rd title I would select go to last menu.

How is this done in WS2?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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Use the PLAYLIST feature of DVDWS2.x :)

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Thanks George I'll get it figured out , thanks for steering me in the right direction.

Do you know if there are any known issues on converting WS1 projects into WS2. The program tells me it is going to convert it but then crashes.
I have done all of the updates that are on Uleads website.
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Whilst in theory newer versions can open projects created in older versions, sometimes there are subtle differences which can cause problems with some projects dependent upon the content of that particular project.

It is recommended that users complete a project using the version that was used to create it in the first place. If you are going to try a newer version make sure that everything is backed up beforehand so that you can reverse any changes made so that you can revert to the original project and version.