Changing the duration of an inserted video file

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Changing the duration of an inserted video file

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First: I am using the German version of Cool 3D Production Studio. Therefore I must retranslate the text into English.
I hope that everybody can understand my problem:

The project uses 50fps progressive with 1024x576 pixels (as the basis for anamorphic 16:9 PAL).

I want to use the "opening book" from the > trick-box< with another video file. The new one has been made as a 50fps pro, too,
and lasts 10 seconds, because the new clip must have a running time of 10 seconds. (500 frames).

Two versions of the new insert video have been tested:

1) 160 x 120 pixels, 50 fps pro (the size of the original)
2) 724 x 544 pixels, 50 fps pro

Then I used a quick and dirty way:

Went to > C:\Program files\UleadSystems\UleadCOOL 3D Production Studio\Materials\Video <

and changed

> ss1_013.avi < with my own video.

This works, the video appears with correct size on the third page of the book and is animated. But the animation stops at
frame 220. When I change the fps to 25, it stops at frame 110 which, in both cases, is a running time of 4,4 seconds only.

Activating > Video < in the object manager > Sub group0\bookmain\Sub group2\video < does not allow to make any changes
to the video, I can only delete or rename it.

Opening the "Attributpalette" (what is that in English ... range of attributes?) and then > Video < only opens a window for importing a new background video. > Duration < and > info < stay grey until I load a new file.

Here the question:

Does someone know how to change the duration of the inserted video clip ?
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I think I understand what you are asking but if not, I apologize.

To change the movie shown on the page of the 'opening book' composition, you must highlight the 'video' object under 'Sub group2', go to the attribute panel and select the 'Texture' attribute.


I hope that helps.

- Ken
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Hello Ken,

thank you for your reply, the info is
exactly what I need. It works fine now!