Going to Main Menu after using Skip

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Going to Main Menu after using Skip

Post by kahayden04 »

I am creating a DVD that has 36 video titles. On the main menu, I have a play all, performance only, pick a trick and extras. For the play all button, I have every video playing in order. For example:

Trick 1 performance
Trick 1 explaination
Trick 2 performance
Trick 2 explaination...etc.

The button will play all the videos like it's suppose to. If I hit skip or use fast forward through Trick 1 performance, it will go to Trick 1 explaination and then go back to the main menu, instead of going to Trick 2 performance. Is there something else I have to do to make this work correctly?
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Post by DVDDoug »

I don't know what's going on... I think I've only used the built-in "play all" feature once, so I haven't tested it thoroughly.

But, I will suggest a couple of things you can try:

(I assume your playlist for the play all menu button has a single "play all" entry, rather than a playlist that lists all 36 titles.)

- Make sure all of your titles are in the correct sequence in the timeline.

- Try making a "manual" playlist for the play all button, and include all 36 titles.

- Try adding a chapter-point at the very end of each title. (The extra chapter doesn't need to be linked to a menu button.) When you hit the skip-ahead button it should skip to the end of the title, and then jump back to the playlist for "further instructions".

And, remember that each menu button has it's own playlist, so the behavior depends on which button you start with... If you click the "Trick 1" button on the menu, and then hit the skip-ahead button on your remote, control will return to the playlist for the "Trick 1" button when you get to the end of the title. that playlist may be different than the playlist for the "Play All" button.
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Post by kahayden04 »

I am creating the playlist manually. I have put a chapter point near the end of the titles and it seems to work properly that way! Thanx for your quick response!!