Creating a Spinning Globe of Earth

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Creating a Spinning Globe of Earth

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Greetings! I'm new to all this so bear with me. I just downloaded animator & am feeling my way around. I've got a lot of the mechanics of the program down but I want to attempt something that maybe is a bit to complex for a beginner but I'd like to try anyway. What I'm trying to do is create a rotating earth with Letters floating above it in synchronous orbit. I have attempted several differet techniques such as slicing an image up with my XaraX graphics program and importing each piece into animator but all I got was a jumbled mess. Can you put me wise to some tutorial or instruction to do this. I'm sure one of you mavens out there probably does this standing on their head and I realize that I could probably import an animated gif that already does this, but what's the fun in that. Anyway I'm not a professional, just a rank amateur who loves toying with graphics to create gifs and greeting cards of all types for family and friends(who really appreciate it). So if you respond to this request go easy on the technical jargon so I don't get lost in a sea of confusion. Thanks for any and all advice. Manny :roll:
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Your best bet is to use Cool Production Studio. Your trying to create a 3d image with a 2d program, which isn't going to work. CPS already has 3d models of the earth too..
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Post by VikingAnimations »

As Mr A says, COOL 3D PS will do what you want, but there is another alternative... GIF-X 2.0 plugin. Unfortunately, it's no longer available for sale by Corel. You can take a flat image and create a spinning globe with that, too.

The image below was created with GIF-X 2 and GIF Animator 5. Note there was lots of work involved on this, but it can be done.