encoding always necessary?


encoding always necessary?

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I have a dvd project set up. I burned it once and it encoded all the videos neccessary which took a very long time.

I went back and edited some stuff in the project I didn't like. I burned again, and this time, all the videos no longer needed to be encoded, I guess cuz they were encoded the first time I did the burning.

I went back a 3rd time, edited some stuff in the project and tried burning again. Now dvdws2 wants to encode all the videos all over again. Any idea why???

I don't want to encode again if I don't have to, since I've already encoded most of the video before. Of course anything new I've added will need to be encoded...

Any help??
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Post by DVDDoug »

I'm not sure why you are getting non-repeatable results...

In general, Workshop is going to use the the "original" files every time you create a disc. If you wanted to use the VOB files created by Workshop, you would need to Import the DVD files (or DVD folders) and convert them to an MPG file with with Video Studio.

There are boxes for the audio and video that say convert To Disc Template. If those boxes are unchecked, it's not supposed to recode DVD-compliant files.
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Post by GeorgeW »

Look in the temp folders that DVDWS uses for your converted titles -- you can re-use them for future projects.