DVDWS.INI question

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DVDWS.INI question

Post by DiscCoasterPro »

Hello. Can anyone tell me the reason under" Capture Settings" there is a default value of DVType2=0

I am having terrible problems that I've posted on in another thread, and my search for a solution is having me wonder what would happen if I changed that zero to a 1.

Also, I would like the AC3 audio encoder to take my stereo input from my edited dv-avi and output it in mono.

Under the advanced tab / Audio Settings tab, I have a current setting of 2/0(L,R)

Can anyone explain the other settings IE 1+1(ch1,ch2) or 1/0 (C)

Or better yet, is the a manual or someplace to read about all these settings? When I click the help button, Nothing happens > LMAO this is killing me. :)

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Post by DB83 »

I will only make an assumption on that DV setting.

You will probably know that there are two DV types - Type-1 and Type-2 and the difference is how they handle the audio part.

When you set the capture properties for DV it defaults to Type-1. I' pretty sure that is what the INI is telling you ie Type-2 is not set. If you did venture to set it the parameter to 1 then the 'capture' would become a type-2 one.

But you do not have to edit the ini as all settings are controlled from the capture interface.

I may be wrong here but if you want mono you will have to pass the audio through an audio editor and manually delete one of the channels.

But why mono ?
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Post by sjj1805 »

Basically in the end user licence agreement
(i) Use the Product or make copies of it other than as permitted in this License except to the extent the foregoing restriction is, by operation of applicable law, prohibited or of no effect;
(ii) translate, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Product except to the extent the foregoing restriction is, by operation of applicable law, prohibited or of no effect;
(iii) rent, lease, assign, sell, sublicense, lend or transfer the Product except as set out in Section 1.3 above;
(iv) modify the Product or merge all or any part of the Product with another program;
I also read somewhere about thou shalt not disassemble the program and a few other blah blah's.

This is why you will not find any documentation about changing things in "ini" files. having said that I am a meddler kind of guy and what I would do is make a back up copy of everything and then change a setting here or there to see what happens, knowing I can later revert back to the original back up copy if/when things go pear shaped.

IF you have a meddle (and I am not telling you to) then we would be interested to hear what happened.
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Post by DiscCoasterPro »

thanks for the replies guys.

As you must know by now I'm going nuts with this incompatibility issue using a dv-avi timeline ONLY from Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements.

Its crazy. I'm picking at straws at this point. :(

So far,

1. I capture analog using the DVDWS interface and a Canopus 300. Put it in the DVDWS program, menu and edit ... FINE

2. Edit with any other program and put a dv-avi into DVDWS, fine.

3. Export an edited timeline from either Adobe Premiere program into DVDWS and I get the jittery field order type issue. (export from PP is LFF )

4.Take an exported timeline from Adobe, put it in any other NLE. clip 3 seconds off the end of the clip, re-export to dv-avi, put THAT dv-avi into DVDWS ... FINE

5. The KICKER! Put a dv-avi from either Adobe program into ANY other authoring program, IE DVD Architect, DVDit, DVDMovie Factory, and try to menu it .... ITS FINE. Grrrrr ..... :(