Double trouble?!

Paul Miley

Double trouble?!

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I haven't used WS2 for some time so I'm a little rusty, and although I've just done a general search on the forum I can't find the answer to a minor problem.

I went to burn just one copy of a project to DVD, it encoded, started the process, got to the finalize stage then asked me to put a blank DVD in the drawer. Weird because a blank was already in the drawer! I took this out, checked it in another machine and WS2 had already created the DVD!

So, I put the same disc back in the drawer and it rejected it again saying it needed a blank to continue. Puzzled, I put another blank in and it proceeded to make a second copy.

Couldn't work out what I had done wrong so out of curiosity I burned the project once more. I checked to make sure I had only asked for just one copy of the disc.

Result - the same thing happened again!

Any ideas? And how do I check to see if just two or all four were actually 'finalized' - I never even thought about this stage before. I just assumed they'd all been finalized (never had a reject) and they all work on different machines.

Cheers M'dears
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If it plays in a stand alone dvd player and tv then it is finalised.