i need some heelp with the freeform tool

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i need some heelp with the freeform tool

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can somene exxplain the' freeform too? i adjjust the points click ok
notohhing happpen
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I wrote this awhile back. I'm including my full answer to the question. Hope it helps.


You will see the following options on the right: GRID, SELECTION, TRANSFORM and VIEW

GRID will allow you to disect the object into segments along the axis(X,Y,Z). The more grids makes for precise location for manipulation.

SELECTON allows you to specify ALL, POINT or COORDINATES.

TRANSFORM allows you to MOVE, ROTATE and SCALE your object along axis.

VIEW allows for ROTATE, DISTANCE and AXIS INDICATOR. Gives you directional feedback along axis.


So to answer you question: Make sure you have set your GRID to your desired specs. SELECTION set to ALL. TRANSFORM to ROTATE and select which axis for direction.

Click on grid square and ROTATE the object. Here you can then manipulate the backside of the object. SELECTION to POINT and TRANSFORM to MOVE. Happy freeforming.