Ulead smartsaver pro 3 DPI setting

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Ulead smartsaver pro 3 DPI setting

Post by Leshalles »

Smartsaver saves all my jpg's as 72dpi. I can't find a way to change that.

My computer screen is 120 DPI vertical, and 101 DPI horizontal. But I also save jpg's to email to other people to print out and would like to be able to have DPI 300 or 600 too.

What I have to do now is open the jpg in Photoshop, adjust the DPI, and save it using Photoshop's jpg saver. It seems to be better to use smartsaver to create the original jpg from a psd, then follow this procedure to adjust the dpi, than to use photoshop's jpg saver to start with (it preserves the DPI setting of the PSD, unlike smartsaver). But I don't know why.

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Welcome to the forums,

You need to understand the difference between DPI-Dots Per Inch, and PPI-Pixels Per Inch, and where each is applicable.

DPI is a measurement that applies to print media only. Nothing more.
PPI applies to computer monitors.

The following link is one website that explains in detail about DPI vs PPI.

Ron Petersen, Web Board Administrator

Post by Leshalles »

OK, I read that and think I understand it.

This is the problem. I use Smartsaver Pro 3 to make a jpeg, then pick save and exit.

Even though the original image was, say, 6"x6" at 600 dpi, according to photoshop, when I read the smartsaver created jpeg into photoshop, it shows something like 36" x 36" at 100dpi (actually its 96dpi). If I change the size back to 6"x6", and save the jpeg, I have to use the photoshop jpg creator.

The photoshop Jpeg maker doesn't have this problem. the Jpeg reads into photoshop with the same image size embedded as the original psd or tif file.

Is there some application that just reaches into a jpeg header and modifies the image size / dpi (or ppi) setting?

p.s. I don't see the big difference between dpi and ppi. One measures the ink-drop dots per inch on paper, the other the phosphor dots per inch on the monitor. In photoshop, the image size is reported in inches, total pixels, and dpi.

True, the total pixels are the same no matter what. But I would like to be able to control the physical image size embedded in the jpeg for printing purposes and for display on monitors with different resolutions per inch.

Post by Leshalles »

OK, my mistake. Photoshop is showing PPI in the Image | Image Size dialog. However, the PPI controls the physical size in inches for a given number of pixels, so it would translate directly to DPI if you printed it out without changing the scaling.

In any case, the Photoshop File | Save As | Jpeg creates a Jpeg with the same PPI as the original file, whereas File | Export | Smartsaver Pro v3 changes it to 96 PPI.

What I would like to do is either tell Smartsaver Pro the target PPI or find a way to change the PPI for a jpeg file without decompressing and recompressing it.

Or, find another jpeg converter that is as good as Smartsaver Pro but that allow setting the target PPI.