My videos...

Post a link to your videos and photographs created with Corel (former Intervideo-Ulead) Products and get feedback from others.

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My videos...

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Traditionally, after a pissy entrance which ends in a happy end, I then proceed to sharing the proof that I tend to over-dramatize bugs and errors :lol:

Here's some stuff made with VS11+:

My documentary or what's left of it after some ***** stole my 3 cameras (video, slr, underwater) and on them, 80 videos and 600 photos I went all the way to Israel to take for school. Our task: a documentary about (an aspect of) yourself. My documentary footage was stolen, so this is another aspect of myself, the one you might have witnessed in my first thread: drama queen :oops:
(I'm not really alcoholic and that's water in the bottle)

The story of Jorp and his dog
Can you tell I was bored out of my mind? Done in Israel after everything was stolen. This was all the remaining time allowed me to do, although totally useless for school.

Israel Drive-thru
Random footage of my last days in Israel with the new camera...

A dog's life
We had to do a 30-seconds-film with a traditional no-sound wind-up cam and also photograph the storyboard. Good thing I did because my footage was horrible :oops: Enter Jonas and my doggy Miyu who looked so cute a lady actually insisted on giving them £á5 :lol:

Queen Lucy
My Lucymia aka Mii-Cat climbing her throne and defeating her daughter Minikui. I hope that's no copyright infringement on the music?

Boring afternoon
One scene from my documentary-in-the-making to make up for the stolen one. I know I already did, but I got ambitions. Please excuse the half minute of nothingness at the end. Dunno how that happened.

Drawing Moshe
Me drawing my monstrous little baby, Moshe. His daily brutalities are my inspiration. And so forth.

IWGP Banana episode
Hommage (or insult?) to my favourite Japanese drama series, IWGP. The fork is an inside joke. This is the video I've been struggling not to make, but to save today.....

Everything else:

I also got fanvideos up somewhere else where copyright owners who sold some of their not-so-bestselling stuff because of those videos I made, won't go "all mine" on my backside, but some of them are rater violent, so I guess no posting them here....