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i cant burn my project on a DVD ...
i was reading some threads and now i see that i dont have enough disk space.
all the files that i added to the project are about 4G, so why it shows me that i need more than 20G free on my hard drive?
can i use an external hard drive or iPod instead?
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You can use an external hard drive. Ipod.. hmm sounds interesting - i think it might be better to shove some of the stuff from your hard drive onto the ipod for temporary storage thus releasing room on the internal hard drive for video editing.

It is normal for a video related task to consume several times more hard drive space than the original file. This is due to various temporary files that must be created.
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It's been ages since I added the update to the burning module, but did this also address a space issue where WS said it needed more space than it needed?


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aborted on 50% ,why?

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As it stated before, not enough disk space :wink:

By disk space it doesn't just mean the space required on your DVD disk. It needs to have free, contiguous disk space on your HDD to create the necessary temp files, swap file for memory commands plus the space to store the output files after rendering/authoring.

You haven't given us the details of your system, hence, we can't be more specific about a fix.


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ok ,u r right :)
it needs 16 GB free and i have 21 GB free, do i need more?
my system is not a very strong one : intel pentium 4 CPU 3.00Ghz
512 MB ram, win xp sp2.
i didnt delete the temp file yet and if i start the project again it goes to 50% in a sec but then it stops...
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By default, temp files are on the C: drive, not the video drive. You need space here as well.

But why does it need so much? Do you have both the ISO AND the DVD format on HDD boxes checked? If so, I suggest you uncheck one of them as the do more or less the same thing, in different ways.

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no, only the "create DVD folders" is checked.
and 'required/available hard drive space' is 16.2 / 21.
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all the files that i added to the project are about 4G, so why it shows me that i need more than 20G
Workshop typically requires about twice as much temporary space as the final product.

Maybe your 4GB file is being converted to a higher bitrate (bigger) file. This can happen if you check the boxes that say Convert To Disc Template, or if you feed Workshop a non-DVD-compliant file.
For example, if your final DVD folder-files are going to require 7GB, you will need an additional ~14GB in temporary space, and now you are up to 21GB.

You didn't say anything about the playing time or bitrate... Here's an online Bitrate Calculator.
my system is not a very strong one : intel pentium 4 CPU 3.00Ghz
512 MB ram, win xp sp2.
That's fine. A "slow" computer will take longer, but that's all.
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thnx for your help, where is this 'Convert To Disc Template' ?
do i have another problem now? i want to burn on a 4.5G dvd-r
so i cant have the final size 7 like u said...
(if there is no other way i can burn it on a DL DVD )

my project is 4G so i need 8G free space right? if i got you right ,the reason that i need 16G is because i didnt checked the Convert To Disc Template box .