Competition Entry 01: Old Leeds (1st Place)

Post a link to your videos and photographs created with Corel (former Intervideo-Ulead) Products and get feedback from others.

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Post by captainjack »

I've been to Leeds quite a lot but your approach to the film is interesting. Good luck.
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Post by mariab987 »


I am a new member and have been watching the entries. I too am from Leeds (small world) and I like the way you have done this video.

I am a real newby and have only just got VS10.
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Post by starsky »

I used to live in Leeds and it's changed a lot since then but still a good film.
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Post by sjj1805 »

Congratulations on your winning entry. I will contact you regarding your prize.
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Post by Ron P. »

Congratulations on your win..:) I'm sure you'll enjoy your Wii.
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Post by girly »

I've just seen the results and am amazed that I've won. Every one deserved to be a winner in my opinion.

Can I just say that I am surprised there were not more entries and voters, as this was fun to do and I am really a novice, just do it as a hobby. I hope Corel will run more comps in the future despite the few entries for this one.

I am truly gobsmacked (an old English expression) and will look forward to receiving the Wii :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks to everyone's good comments on my video and thanks to those who voted. At least everyone will get something but every other entry was a winner.