Error message "Canot enumerate this component"


Error message "Canot enumerate this component"

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After running for years (!) without any problem on my computer Cool 3D PS (Vers. 1.01) began to show an error message "Canot enumerate this component" when launched. I can click ok and the program starts and seems to work. But several Plug-Ins like the sphere plug-in are not installed and can not be used. I tried deinstallation and a new "clean installation" but the error message still occurs. My OS is windows XP professional with SP2 and all updates from Microsoft. I have no viruses or other malware on the computer. What was changed before the error occured? No changes of the hardware, some windows updates installed. I found two other threads in this forum decribing the same error but no solution for the problem.
If anyone has a solution or an idea what would have caused this problem please let me know.
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Without any system info available from you it's very hard to diagnose, BUT, just a guess, you have a bad update to Windows Media Player.

It installs all kinds of nasties, and to fix it you have to install v11 or greater. Any other versions, should be rolled back. AND, whats worse is, if it is the bad version of Media player, YOU HAVE to uninstall this version, before installing the latest version, as, just updating further compiles the problem.

To do the uninstall is very pain staking documented somewhere in a Google search on this subject. I went through this already, but, never documented it, as I never thought I'd have to explain it again.

Again, it's just a second guess on my part, but, really sounds like the problem..