Main aund submenu problem

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Main aund submenu problem

Post by Vfreak »

I want to create a dvd.

I made a mainmenu (motionmenu) to start the dvd.
It has a long intro and go over to loop at a specific point.
(I want the intro within the menu, to prevent "freeze-break" and audiobreak)

Then I can select buttons and start the movies.

But if I press the menu-button on remote always the
long menue (with intro) starts.

I want the long menue only when the dvd starts.

After first selection I want link to another menu

For navigation I create a second, short version of the menu.
(same layout, without the intro)

Is there a possibility to fix this specific menu for
menubutton? (mainmenue = long version, sub or titlemenue = short version)

I know, that in Adobe Encore you can connect every clip and a suitable
remotemenu. (pressing the menu-button)

Thanks for answers.
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Post by Devil »

If I understand you correctly, you can put the intro into the "Play first" position and the main menu separately.

Not sure that I do understand you, though :-(

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Post by Vfreak »

[quote="Devil"]If I understand you correctly, you can put the intro into the "Play first" position and the main menu separately.

No, I don´t want a break between Intro and Mainmenu.
After "play first" there´s a short freeze, and the music
can not play without break from Intro to menu.

Only Motionmenu with loop-point works...

Thanks for answers.

Sorry for my "nearly forgotten SchoolEnglish"...
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Post by lazael »

Not sure / can't remember if DW2 can do this :oops: . Do a search on the Playlist feature.
The way I prevent delays in DVD's is to use a single mpeg clip. ( Done in MSP e.g.). This clip of course will have chapters created by DW2 - no audio "breaks".
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Post by DB83 »

I've read, and re-read this topic, still not absolutely sure what you are trying to do. But let us see :)

Firstly, any loop within a menu will involve a very slight delay as the player must find the start of the item again. I do not think there is any way around this.

Now, using your long menu, which is the first menu, when you drag an item on to a button you create a playlist. The last item on that playlist after the selected title(s) have been played will the the first menu - it is normally simply called 'MENU'

All you now have to do, if I understand your desire correctly, is drag your second, shorter, menu on to the playlist and 'MENU' will change to 'Menu-1' or whatever the shoter menu is called. (you may be asked to confirm that you wish to replace the item in the playlist)

So the first selection from the longer menu goes to the shorter menu after the selection plays.

Any title dragged on to the buttons of the shorter menu will always go back to the shorter menu through the playlist default.

However, if you press the 'menu' button on your remote before the title ends you inevitably will go back to the long menu because that is the first menu.

Not sure what would happen if you selcected 'title menu' from your remote (if you have one)