Can't use 2 audio files for 1 video clip!


Can't use 2 audio files for 1 video clip!

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I want a certain audio clip to be selected by pushing a certain button on the menu when creating a dvd. One text button says "Stereo Version" and one says "surround" version. Is this possible? I can add two audio tracks for the video clip but how can you set it to choose one or the other? I would think you could use the "switch to another and/or subtitle track" button but when you go to "menu mode" that button becomes disabled.

I actually figured a way to do it. I put that same video file in twice and put the stereo audio on one and the surround audio on the other. Each had links to the right button. This doesn't help me though because it makes the file size for the project way to huge.
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1. Make a menu (called from MENU) with 2 or more buttons

2. drag your title on to a menu button to create a playlist

3. Select 'Assign Tracks' from the playlist menu and select which audio you wish to use

4. Delete the title from the playlist menu to just leave the audio track and the 'MENU ' in the playlist

5. repeat for the other audio track(s)

Your resulting menu is the equivalent of the audio-selection menu. After you click the button, you return to MENU (from the playlist)

The title then plays with the selected audio