Error 80041c21...what is it?


Error 80041c21...what is it?

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Hi all.....I hope someone can help me here.

I'm using the SE version of DVD Workshop and trying to convert an AVI movie to DVD. When selecting the AVI an error msg pops up:-
Failed to convert video file: Error number 80041c21
Could it be that the AVI file is DiVX or XVID?

Any help much appreciated :-)
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It may be. But it may be that the file has a fault in it. Encoders are notoriously reluctant to work on faulty files. Please read here.

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You could also use the search function on this forum to search for the error code....
Ted (H.T.)

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Thanks heaps Devil and Ted for the replies.
Ted, it is an Xvid and there's the prob. Ulead just doesn't like it. Thankls heaps again :-)