Is COOL 3D the right product for this?

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Is COOL 3D the right product for this?

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I'm a new user of COOL 3D (studio) which was recommended by a colleague of mine but I'm really not sure it is the right product to do what I want.

Very simply, I wanted to make one of my videos (put together with VideoStudio 10+ and MovieFactory 6) a bit more elaborate. The video is a trip I made a while back which involved about 12 flights. What I wanted to do was introduce each chapter showing the flight path from one location to another. The flight path is only meant to be representative showing porogress from one city to the next, not the actual route.

This could be as simple as a black 2D line arc drawn on top of the country map.
What would be nicer would be the new flight path to fade-in.
The ultimate would be a plane icon tracing the arc exposing the slight path behind it.

My colleague told me the COOL 3D could do this no problems so I bought it without second thought. But after playing with it for a while I could not work out how to do even the simplest approach. So I asked my colleague how he did it but the answer was that he had never actually done this but simply thought COOL 3D would be able to do it - yes I should have known better there is no need to tell me this again.

My question is, am I wasting my time trying to use COOL 3D to do this? If it can't actually do things like this then it's pointless continuing (not to say I can't use it for other things). I'm not familiar enough with it to to make a sound judgement call on this. Can anyone fill in the knowledge gap?

Many thanks - Richard
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It is capable of doing it. BUT the easier way of doing it is in your editor using multiple tracks with wipe transition. The beauty of COOL3D Production Studio is that you can import video as a background and place a 3D object by keyframing movement, position, orientation, etc... over your background. You could create your own custom transitions by importing a .3DS airplane model and keyframe the movement over a cut transition you will be using in your video project. OR integrate both by showing 3D plane of map moving below while 3D airplane is flying above and then lands at its destination. Let your imagination flow.

IMHO, COOL3D Production Studio is probably one of Ulead's best software they ever made. Though it is quite aged and has many limitations it does allow one to implement 3D into a video workflow quite easily with impressive results.