Settings for video data rate in WKSP 2

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Settings for video data rate in WKSP 2

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I've been having some trouble with some skipping in my DVDs that I have been creating. Thought that I might adjust the compression settings. Mine is set at variable and the video data rate is at 8000.
Do you recommend this? What setting would you suggest? What setting do you fellow DVD WKSP2 users use?

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Post by Devil »

As has been mentioned many times on this board, it is recommended, with DVD¡ÓR/RW disks, not to exceed a combined audio + video bitrate of about 7000 kbit/s, because many DVD players glitch at higher bitrates with these low-contrast media. I never exceed 6000 kbit/s CBR video + 192 kbit/s audio for PAL DV input.

I suggest you may care to read what I wrote here, just a couple of days ago for some additional info.

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I'm not quite as conservative as Devil, but the important bit is COMBINED, so you must add the video and audio data rates together.

I never exceed 8,000, often coming in at just over 7500k.

Then again, a lot depends on the actual movie contents. I decide what seting to use on each individual movie based on several items, I don't just use the same settings day in day out.
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I've noticed the similar advice on these boards, but something doesn't compute in my case.

I try to compress at a MINIMUM of 8000K CBR, with either Dolby or MPEG audio starting at 256K. That's if I can cram everything I want onto one SL disk. In the past I have gone to DL for the sole purpose of getting the higher data rates.

This came about through trial and error as I experimented with the trade-off between video quality and data rates. I tried the higher rates just to see if I could get away with it, and sure enough I could - with my DVD players, that is. They never have a problem playing these disks.

Other people who play my disks with different players haven't had problems either. I'm always careful ahead of time to warn them on this account, and that I'll replace the disks that won't play with ones that will (compressed at lower rates of course).

But to date that hasn't happened. Player brands include mostly Sony and Radio Shack house brands. The one thing they seem to have in common is Progressive Scan. Would that make a difference?

The media I use is Memorex DVD+/-R SL and Verbatim DVD+R DL. This selection was also arrived at by trial and error. Fortunately most of the coasters have been SL !!

I don't know how to account for all of this except to guess that maybe I'm just having a string of good luck with the right media and right players. Until that changes, however, I'm going to go right on compressing at those higher rates.

I know I'm probably reaching here, but I swear I can see the difference between discs recorded at rates higher than 8000K and lower than around 7000K CBR. At the lower rates I'm always noticing pixelation in moving objects, and strange artifacts if something suddenly happens in a scene that's been relatively stable for a while. I hate seeing that stuff.

Call me insane at this stage and I'll believe it. This is just the way it works for me.

Have a good one,
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Skipping DVDs

Post by dannyp »

Like Alan states, me too don't have problems with high bit rates and after
burning hundreds of projects with different media brands and different
burners I can say that skipping and other playing issues are mostly
caused by the burner,media and player.
For 3 years already I stick to "Verbatim" media and "Nec" burners and
since then no coasters.
If a certain dvd player skipps, I found out that it will have trouble playing
also low bitrate DVD's.

Take care all
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Post by DVDDoug »

The maximum bitrate is only one factor... Too-high of a burn speed can result in "blurred" burn-spots which make the DVD difficult to read. (4X is usually the safest.) Bad blank discs are another source of trouble.

Defects can be difficult to diagnose, because DVD players and DVD DVD player-software have error correction and error hiding features. And, Windows will re-try when it gets an error.

The first test for a disc is to try copying it to your hard drive. If Windows can't copy it, its got a problem. Quite often, people will have trouble copying discs that play fine. ...The defect is too small to notice, or the player is correcting/hiding it.

Nero offers a FREE program called CD-DVD Speed, that can help determine if there is a defect on the disc. For example, it can tell you if Windows has to slow the disc down and/or re-try in order to read it.
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Hi danny and DVDDoug,

Thanks to both for your observations on high bit rates.

Danny, it's interesting that you use Verbatim media for everything, whereas I found that Verbatim works well for DL and Memorex for SL. Maybe it's another one of those "luck of the draw" things.

I use a program called DVD Info Pro to obtain production batch numbers from blank media. Then I go to to check out what other users have to say about the quality of different batches. They actually have those ratings!

Here's a link right to that page. They call the batch numbers "media codes":

Although I do this after I've purchased the media, I can at least find out if I'm going to have trouble with a particular batch. If I'm lucky I can get a refund for the purchase.

BTW this is where I got the idea to use Memorex for SL and Verbatim for DL. The ratings for most batches were consistently high in those categories.

DougDVD, that tip to try copying a DVD to a hard drive is a new one for me. I'm going to start doing that to see what happens. In addition to being able to copy the DVD, a Windows app like Nero Showcase should be able to play it from a folder.

The CD-DVD Speed program is included in the Nero Ultra 7 package, which I have. I just haven't thought to use it yet, but now you've given me a good reason.

Thanks again to both of you for those insights.

Have a good one!
Big Al Mintaka