problem: I can use searching bar on some DVDs, on others not


problem: I can use searching bar on some DVDs, on others not

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I"ve just realised some strange problem with DVD authoring in DVD Workshop.

I'm authoring all my home videos always the same way (I prepared my own user guide for doing it). But now, after creating maybe 10 DVDs, I've realised, that on some DVDs I can use "searching" (or moving?) bar (I mean the controller which you use to jump to other part of movie - I don't know how to tell it in english correctly), but on others I can't. I'm really not aware of any setting to change this behaviour in Workshop.

Please, is it some bug or is it me doing something wrong? Is it the matter of DVD authoring, or the matter of MPEG encoding?

Thanks for your advice...

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I think you might be talking about chapters - in other words you have a video
in DVD speak this is a Title. You can create "Quick Jump to " points in the video - in Video Speak these are chapters so that when a user presses the [Next] button on their DVD remote they jump forward to the next chapter point.

Is this what you mean?
Perhaps you can explain your problem in English and then again below it in your own language (French?) because there may be someone who can translate it for you.
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It could be the MPEG. I've sometimes had trouble setting chapter points, and sometimes Workshop would crash when I was trying to locate the start of a scene. I only had these problems with some MPEG files.

Some of these same MPEGs ended-up with "lip sync" problems after converting the audio & re-multiplexing. (Typically, I would leave the MPEG-2 video as-is, but convert the audio to Dolby AC3.)

In every case, the MPEG file would play-back fine. The (apparent) corrutption only showed-up when editing, re-coding, or making a DVD. In my case, it turned-out that the problem was caused by editing the MPEG. All of my unedited MPEGs were OK. My problem was solved when I bought a special-purpose MPEG editor.
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Thanks for your effort and replies.

First of all, no, I didn't mean chapters. I've found on PowerDVD today, that it's called navigational slider. I have one long title with no chapters, but I'd like to give possibility to viewer of DVD to jump to any part of movie (title) without having to watch it from the beginning all the time.

For this purpose, there is controller, which is called navigational slider in PowerDVD. This controller is active on some of my DVDs, and not active on others (although I want it to be active all the time). I know that there is an option to turn this possibility for any title on and off in some other DVD authoring applications (for example DVD Maestro), but I cannot find it in DVD Workshop.

Maybe it can be the MPEG problem, but I bet I'm encoding all MPEG's the same way, without any post-encoding production (except for DVD authoring in DVD Workshop).

Thanks in advance...


BTW: I'm not French, I'm Slovak... I doubt someone else here could understand my native language.... and it's good for my english lessons to try to explain it in other words :)
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I can not recall ever having such a problem from a dvd prepared using DWS.

I do import all my titles in compliant media so there is no re-encoding done.

You state that your title does not have any chapters but this may hold the key and the player is being confused and is unable to calculate the seek to the navigation point.

So it's worth a try. Even though you do not actually want the chapters (for menu purposes) just create some automatic chapter points at say 10 or 15 minute intervals. You never know. This may solve it.