Workshop 2 Menu Question


Workshop 2 Menu Question

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"Moved from the MovieFactory Forum to DVD Workshop2" (etech)

I found this thread and even though it's about a different Ulead product, I'm hoping someone here can help me with my situation.

I have DVD Workshop 2. I have a DVD that has a menu with 13 buttons, 12 buttons to select 12 separate videos and 1 Loop button.

Everything's working great except for the Loop feature. When I click on the Loop button, I want the videos to play from Video 1 through Video 12, then start over with Video 1 again, etc... endlessly looping unless I stop it with the remote. I do not want it to go back to the menu until I stop the loop.

I've tried these methods to get this Loop button to do what I want, but no go. Here's what I've tried:

In the Menu tab, I select the Button tab, then Playlist, then click on the Loop button on my menu. Here are the 3 variations I've tried:

1. Play All Titles. "Menu" is automatically added under Play All Titles, even though I don't want it to go back to the menu after finishing the 12 videos... I want it to keep looping endlessly.

2. Loop Start Point, then each of the videos in the order I want them to play, then Loop End Point. This time, it played the 1st video endlessly but nothing else.

3. Loop Start Point, Play All Titles, Loop End Point. Same result as variation #2.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I've never tried the loop feature, so maybe someone else can help you with the details...

Whenever I wanted a DVD to loop, I've set-up a default/timeout button on the menu, and then I put the menu at the end of the playlist. That has always worked. If you don't mind seeing the menu before the DVD automatically repeats, this should work for you too.

If you can't get "loop" to work correctly and you don't want to see the menu again, you could "fake it" by making a black menu screen with a black/hidden default button. Then you could set a one-second timeout.

If that's not clear... You are making a "manual loop". That hidden default button would be linked to the playlist, and the last item on the playlist would be the menu with the hidden button.
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Are you working with separate video TITLES, or one TITLE that has multiple CHAPTERS (or a combination of both) :?:

Also, are you letting the DVD play by itself, or hitting the NEXT button on a remote control :?:

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Post by DB83 »

Do not understand why it is not working.

Just tested it with a fully patched version of DWS2 and all works fine.


1. Drag the first item on to the button you will be using as a loop. This creates the playist with the menu as the last item.

2. Click 'Set Start and End Loop Points'. Menu disappears. 'Loop Start Point' is first item followed by first selection and then 'Loop End Point'

3. Drag the remaining items into the playlist but ensure that they are between the 'Start' and 'End' points. Move them up and down as required.