audio sync issues with dvd workshop 2

martin phillips

audio sync issues with dvd workshop 2

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Hi there,

Can anyone throw some light on this issue. I am using dvd workshop for the first time. After buring the project, i have noticed some audio sync issues. The film has been edited in Avid liquid, exported as a MPEG2 from avid, imported into DVDWS as this MPEG2. The mpeg file from avid plays fine in windows media with NO sync issues. The preview in DVDWS2 plays the film fine, again no sync issues - its only when the project is burnt to DVD the issue appears. I am abount to transfur the MPEGs onto the PC harddrive (they were on an external drive), and if that doesnt work i will return it to avid timeline and author it there. Any clues out there, very welcome.
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The mpeg file from avid plays fine in windows media with NO sync issues.
That's actually not that unusual... A small amount of corruption can cause problems when the video is re-coded or re-multiplexed for the DVD. ...This seems to happen quite frequently with MPEG files.

If both the audio are in a DVD compatible format, you can un-check the Convert To Disc Template boxes for both audio and video, and the audio & video should not be re-coded or re-multiplexed. However, any corruption in the MPEG may remain, and you might have other problems with the DVD.

What format are your original files? If your original files are AVI/DV, you can leave export in this format and let Workshop encode it. That should solve the problem. If your files are MPEG, you may need a special-purpose MPEG editor or an MPEG "repair tool".
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