Plug-In Madness 2 & 3


Plug-In Madness 2 & 3

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I love C3DPS, one of my favorites - But I have to admit, therir support leaves much to desire. I purchased Plug-In Madness 3, was given the download link (on both their site and via e-mail) turned out to be for the 3.5 version, not Production Studio, and they wont respond to my e-mail requests for a corrected link. So...

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to remedy this? I've seen others have had this problem too, and although I'm against piracy by any means, I'm not against someone attaching the correct version and sending it to me. After all, if they're abandoning the title, and us users, we should be able to do as we please, right?

So if someone could be gracious enough to send me the correct versions to I guarantee to make it worth your while. I have a ton of overlay projects, models and animations I will share to the first responder.
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Did you try to install the plug-in? I did notice during checkout the link does say Ulead Cool 3D. I don't have an extra $25 or $50 right now to buy them, so I can't check to see if they will install.
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They have not abandoned the title, I bought a copy recently (ESD) and the link for the Plug-in did work and the plug-in works in C3DPS.

I just checked and the file is named C3DS_PIM_III.exe so it says Studio and not 3.5... I don't know if someone wil e-mail you 15+ MB...
This my understanding of it.
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You will need to resolve this issue with the seller. Looking for help is what we do but to provide to you with paid plug-ins for trade is unacceptable. And to top it all, a first post request too.

Update for plug-in situation

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I did install the plug-ins, and they showed up in ver 3.5 (which is still on my computer, but I never use it). So I called Corel (their new owner) and according to them, they only have record of the file C3D35_Plugin Madness I & II, no the afore mentioned version which is required for Production Studio.

It's advertised on the site as a PS compatible plug-in, but apparently don't have any info about it. They did refund my money, but I'm still left without a compatible plug-in.

I really want to get this - but just don't know where else to turn. Has anyone else successfully downloaded the afore-mentioned, Production Studio version? And if so, how???

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rwernyei wrote:You will need to resolve this issue with the seller. Looking for help is what we do but to provide to you with paid plug-ins for trade is unacceptable. And to top it all, a first post request too.
By the way, this is the second time I've had to try to contact Ulead for support, both times have resulted in several unanswered e-mails. First it was problems with DVD Workshop 2, now with C3DPS.

I love their software, and often recommend them to other people, but I'll stand by my belief that their support is one of the worst. Even though they promise a reply within 24 hours. I've never received a single on.

On top of that, just try calling their customer support phone number. I get nothing but a busy signal.

No, they way I look at is, as a video producer, I hate priacy on any level. But when someone turns their back on their customers in their time of need, Then I have no problem going around. Ignoring requests for support is ignoring us.

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O.K., now I get to eat crow.

I just received the link to the correct version of Plug In Madness 3, but...

1. It took 2 days to get the response, and
2. The version sold on the website is definately NOT the correct version.

So, I'm sorry about bad-mouthing Ulead, I really do love their programs, and this time, they did actually respond to my request for support.

Now, as far as the plug-ins - WOW< they're GREAT!!! Resolution is sharp, they look more like a 3D program that would cost a lot more than it does.

If you're thinking of getting these plug-ins, I would recommend ordering them over the phone and specifying that you need the correct version for your software.

Sorry Ulead, you came through, so YOU'RE THE BOMB!