Videos: Karting

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Videos: Karting

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I'm new to VideoStudio, just transferred from WindowsMovieMaker.

Now, these three videos aren't great when it comes to effects, basically just cut, added music and titles. It's fun though, and eventually I'll get into the "real" effects that I've found easy tutorials on here.
The sound on the camera is useless, just wind, so I chose music that Dennis, Conny and I like. Some of it better, some maybe not...

helmet cam: Samsung SC-X300L
handheld: Canon IXUS 750

These were all made before I recently learned how to save the films in AVI/DivX, (thanks sjj1805 for the threads on DivX) so quality isn't very good.
They're still only slightly edited clips, hardly any effects.
Ideas for changes are welcome!

Video 1:
(my first test with the helmet camera)
for a 470 MB version.

Video 2:

Video 3:

Now, this is done in WMM. I'm planning on making a new version using VS, this time not rushing it. Anyone kind enough to give some tips on new techniques I can use and abuse, learning while I'm reediting it? Now it's just a bunch of clips after another of me (mostly) spraying and praying...
It's not going to be an official ad for the Homeguard, just a "wannabe"...

EDIT: added link to RAR-version of video 1
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