Playback problem - unable to change position on timescale.


Playback problem - unable to change position on timescale.

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Gentlemen, I would like to ask you for help. I was searching on forum and in User guide for Workshop 2 but did not find a solution.

I edit video in Ulead Video Studio 10. Playback (mean choosing position) on any software players under Windows is correct. After importing video file into Workshop 2 and creation of menu and finishing the project, problem with playback appears.
It is unable to move to different possition by using time cursor in player. Cursor still comes back on present played position. No matter if it is Windows Media player 10, etc.

Can you give me some advice?
Thanks a lot! :-)
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It sounds a corrupt MPEG. This can be a difficult thing to diagnose, because a "bad" file will often play-back OK, but cause trouble when you try to edit it, convert it, or make a DVD from it.

Did you edit an MPEG with VS10, or did you edit an AVI/DV file and then make an MPEG-2 from it?

This kind of thing usually doesn't happen if you encode to MPEG-2 once and then don't "touch it", but weird things can happen when you edit MPEGs.

There are work-arounds and solutions, but before I get off on the wrong track, please tell us the format your original files, and where they came from.
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I grab video using VideoStudio 10 and create MPGE with following settings:
MPEG file
24 bits, 720 x 576, 25.00 fps
(DVD-PAL), 4:3
Bitrate: Variable (max. 4100 kbps)
Sound LPCM, 48.0 KHz, Stereo
Codec: for .mpg sa just New Ulead is available
At this point playback of created MPEG is OK, you can jump to other time using timebar cursor in WMP, etc.

To make MPEG playable on DVD players with necessary DVD standards I import created MPEG into Workshop 2 and finish project. File structure looks like this:

After this it is no more possible to jump to other time during playback.
I admit I am not "rookie" at DVD authoring etc. so maybe some steps I described are not necessary.

Thank you for help and advices.