Subtitles - Having the REVERSE of the "Normal" Pr

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Subtitles - Having the REVERSE of the "Normal" Pr

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After going thru search results for the past 30+ minutes, I can safely say I don't have the common issue of:

Problem 1.
I cannot see any preview of the subtitles. I only see them when I type them in (I type them in the Subtitle window by placing the cursor on the video image), afterwards they disappear. I don«æ see them on the preview window of the Edit phase, nor do I see them on the Finish phase preview. But they are there on the burned DVD�

MY situation is that I see them perfectly fine in the Subtitle and Preview windows, and everything is all swimmingly good... Until I go to burn (both to ISO for use w/ Daemon and direct to disk). In both of these cases, the ISO does not acknowledge that it has subtitle data (when you turn on Subtitles, nothing appears, both ASUS DVDXP & WinDVD8), and on the burned disk, neither DVD player will display Subs when I turn them on (and when I play the disk in the machine, just for giggles, same result)

Considering this is a karaoke disk for a wedding reception, subtitles could be kinda' important on the finished product, and not just the preview window :D :wink:

Little Help?
- J
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Link 1:
FAQ: Unable to display subtitles in preview Window

Link 2:
FIX: subtitles not displayed after installation of VideoStudio 11 or DVD MovieFactory 6

(Please note that currently there is a problem with FILEWIND - hopefully they will fix it soon or I shall have to find another place to share my 'fixes')
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Post by Viridel »

I appreciate the quick reply, but this does not address the issue I am having, as I say that the subtitles WORK on the preview screen, and do NOT appear in the final version of the ISO / DVD output... This is the opposite of the situation that you address in the numerous previous posts.

I am already running 2.232 on this system (and I did re-run the update patch), and in fact have never installed VS11 on this machine (given that I win Win2K, and VS11 requires XP), so that can't be the issue in this case.

The link in the second Fix is currently broken (permanent or temporary, I can't tell, is this the FileWind thing?). I did do the LXDVDParser.dll replacement as suggested, however that has no positive change.

Other thoughts?
- Jason
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I will not be held accountable for what is said below!!!

When using subtitles, do not use the grey color in box 16. It will not appear on your finished product. Use color-box 1 (255,255,255 white)... Use color-box 2 (0,0,0 black). Change color-box 4 to 200,200,200 grey if you wish, and that will be just fine! Just whatever you do, don't use color-box 16 (192,192,192 grey).

Normally I'm happy when I find a solution and/or workaround to an issue... But this issue & solution was such an utter load of crap, that after 10 hours of f___ing with it, there is no satisfaction.

Issue closed, but certainly not resolved

- Jason

PS. It still won't ISO the subtitles in 1/2 the time, and I get an error message if I try to generate an ISO without closing and re-opening the program first... Beyond that, I tell the menu to time-out to the standard version, and instead it times out to karaoke... And for giggles, times to standard when I default it to karaoke... Buttons work correctly... Just not the instruction on where to time-out to.

There BETTER be a Version 3 coming out soon... It BETTER have these bugs fixed... And it BETTER NOT require Windows bloody XP.