The Truth in 60 Seconds

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The Truth in 60 Seconds

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I have been using Ulead VideoStudio 10+ and 11+ to edit my high school's weekly news show EC Eye (our school is ECR which stands for El Camino Real). Most of it is just announcements from our anchors in front of a green screen background that is edited with the Chroma Key option. But every few announcements or so we break away from the anchors to show a funny segment by the other students in the class.
My friend Shaun (that's him in the black coat) and I were the first to start a regular series on the show called "The Truth in 60 Seconds with Jack Bernard." It's a spoof on conspiracy theorists and their ridiculous TV shows, and Jack Bernard has a theory on every holiday of the year that always seems to be traced back to the Freemasons. Here's the entire series including a special rebuttal video by the Freemasons themselves ("Rebuttal" was filmed and edited by some other students and written by a teacher at our school):

Valentine's Day -
St. Patrick's Day -
Freemasons' Rebuttal -
Easter -

As you will notice after watching the videos, I starting using more features in VideoStudio. For the final episode I used two different lens flares to create the "lightningbolt!" effect (yeah, I know it doesn't look like lightning. I didn't use the lightning effect here.) Unfortunately our teacher (who is also my mom) told us we had to get rid of Jack Bernard after our school received an angry letter from a Freemason. So we decided to kill off Jack Bernard in our final segment of the year:
ECR: The Movie -

My friend Shaun and I continue making videos for the show and youtube. Our channel is here:
Please watch our movies and enjoy. :)

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Lovely opening title sequence!