Gif Animator: How to apply Video F/X to certain part only?

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Gif Animator: How to apply Video F/X to certain part only?

Post by Apek »

Hi all..

I have problem that i cannot solve. I searched this forum but still dont find the answer.

I have a banner 468x60, the banner has a logo and text next to it. I want the logo to remain still and i want to apply the video FX to the text only.

However, when i preview, the animation will animate all objects in the banner including the logo. I have tried to duplicate the frame, hide the logo and apply the FX to the frame with the text only but the animation result still animate the whole banner including the logo.

How to apply video FX to certain part only??
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Post by VikingAnimations »

Unfortunately, you cannot.

The only option is to make an animation of just the text with the F/X, then add the banner image. You'd likely have to use the magic wand to remove some of the background from the text objects. A pain, but that's the way it is.

F/X are applied to the whole animation. Filters are applied to an object only. Perhaps there is a plugin filter out there that can be used.