Crashes every time I try to add a video clip


Crashes every time I try to add a video clip

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I am trying to evaluate purchasing DVD Workshop 2, and I have tried the Free Trial on 3 seperate machines, each XP but different manufacturers, and every time I try to load one of my video files, the program crashes. It allows me to put it in the available files, but once its added to the time line, it crashes.

I am using MPeG 2 files, 6M, 29.97, 720*480. I already own Movie Factory 4 & 5 and these video files work flawlessly in those programs, so I am at a loss as to why I am having trouble with Workshop.

Any ideas?

Thanks !
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I suspect it does have something to do with your particular MPEG-2 files. Maybe the newer versions of Movie Factory are more tolerant... :? Workshop has not been updated on a long time...

I have had "problem files" that play OK, but cause Workshop to crash (or other weird problems). But in my case, the files have caused trouble with Movie Factory and Video Studio also.

You might try using VideoReDo or Womble to "repair" the file (both offer free trials). Or, you might try re-coding it with SUPER (FREE!!!). (I hate re-coding because it degrades the video quality, but sometimes it's the only out of a jam.)
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Another situation you should consider is filling out the specs on your PC, for this forum. Video issues are the number one problem in video editing. You need to have the basic hardware required for editing, for the software. Start reading whats needed and see if what you have is, what is required.