Veterans Day video

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Veterans Day video

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I do a slide show at my school where I teach music. I teach elementary kids, but the Veterans Day program is held in the large gymnasium at the high school. We are a very patriotic bunch, and the gym is filled to capacity every year with Veterans, guests including some military, and students grades K to 12. Our elementary performs patriotic songs. To keep them from being too bored at the beginning of the school year and to show the meaning behind the songs, I incorporate video and karaoke.

This video started with an overlay made in Photo Impact 12. I used 6 overlays or tracks--3 for the videos, one for the front main mask, one for the title bar, and one for the karaoke. I wanted the kids to see what war was like, but make it so that it does not dominate the video or even worse, scare them. The karaoke text was made with Power Karaoke on a green screen. When I added it to Ulead's Video Studio 10, I removed the green with the Chroma Key Effect. By the way, the larger TV set was my family's TV in 1957. Oops, gave my age away. The music is by Plank Road Publishing. The 2 smaller videos came from The large slide show was made with 3D Album. Again, all of the tracks were edited in Video Studio. The music includes children's voices, but when we performed it, it was a typical karaoke track--instruments only.

I have made these videos for several years now, and it's about time to start on this year's program! To see the video: ... Heroes.wmv
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Post by sjj1805 »

When Ron (Vidoman) and myself first asked Ulead to create a
"Members Samples Forum" (This was before we were both appointed Administrators) we had a battle on our hands and it was at least 3 months before they gave way to our persistent nagging.

This video has proved without doubt that our efforts were worthwhile.
I tip my hat to you - this is an excellent video, it is original and interesting.
lovely choice of music and a lot of hard work has gone into its production.

Very well done and thank you for sharing it with us.
:D :D :D