Strobing/flickering on finished DVD


Strobing/flickering on finished DVD

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Hello there, im rather hoping that someone can help us out on this. We originally had the demo version of Ulead DVD Workshop to produce graduation ceremony videos with menus/chapters etc. This worked a treat.

However, we purchased the full version a few days ago and tried to burn a ceremony. The DVD has burnt successfully and the menus work fine, however, the actual image is strobing when people move or the camera pans; people's arms sort of flicker all over the place.

We have tried a number of ways so far, reducing the burn and dvd quality, burning as a disc image and then burning that to a DVD-R using Nero but nothing has worked, it's still strobing. Would our cheap DVD player have anything to do with it, we figured that if it works on the cheap player, then it'll work on most other players, but obviously we cant send out people's graduations with them flickering!

What are we doing wrong? Can someone please offer us some advice ASAP!

Would appreciate any solutions emailed to amylena( at ) for ease of use.

Many Thanks,
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It could be a "field order" problem...

What kind of video camera did did the video come from? (A MiniDV camera? A Hard-drive camera? A Direct-to-DVD camera?)

What format are your video files and what are the properties? (From inside Workshop, right-click on the clip to get the properties.)

I doubt your player has anything to do with the problem. Does it play OK on the computer?

I also doubt that it has anything to do with the actual "burn" either.

Instead of making an image, try Create DVD Folders. This will create the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders on your hard drive. You can play those folders with your DVD-player software. Once that works, you can burn those folders to a DVD without re-rendering.
Would appreciate any solutions emailed to amylena( at ) for ease of use.
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Post by Amylena »

Right then,

The footage came from a DV camera and was captured and edited in Premiere Pro. We exported it as an .avi movie and then used DVD Workshop to add chapters and menu.

Im not sure which properties you would like to know? Everything that comes up in the properties box?!

Sorry to sound a bit dense, none of it makes a lot of sense to me, ive been here a week and im totally floundering! :?

We've tried a lower bit rate and slower burn speed, neither seemed to work. Creating an ISO didnt either so i shall try the suggestion from you in a little while and let you know the result.

It plays perfectly on the computer through Windows Media Player, no strobing or jerking arms!

Our only other possible option if all else fails is just to author using Premiere Pro, which is a shame really.

As for my email address, thanks for the advice. I posted to so many forums the other day in an effort to get a solution that keeping track of them has been a bit of a pain, but point noted, thanks.

Will let you know the outcome of the various suggestions ive had.


Post by Amylena »

Instead of making an image, try Create DVD Folders. This will create the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders on your hard drive. You can play those folders with your DVD-player software. Once that works, you can burn those folders to a DVD without re-rendering.
Also, whilst re-reading, thought i better check, sorry to sound really dumb!

How do you play the two folders? And to burn, do i just drag both into Nero or something? Does that also keep the chapters and menus?



Post by Amylena »

Right then, did as was told, created DVD folders, then burnt to disc using Nero and its the same story, fine on the computer and the menu works fine, but the actual video is still strobing/juddery. Its literally when people move or the camera pans that it goes jittery. We havnt had this problem before, when using the trial version it was fine, but this full version just isnt playing ball.

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated in lamens terms!


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Post by cgould »

If it's "horizontal comb tooth" lines around moving edges, it's a field order problem. If there is no feather lines around edges, but juddering, could be that Premiere changed it (poorly) to frame-based rather than interlaced. What is the settings of the premiere AVI file? unchanged eg DV?

Right-click the video file (AVI) in the list of files, select "Properties", and see what it says for Video Type- DV AVI, Upper Field First, Lower Field First (or nothing- frame based), etc

MPEG2 DVDs are normally Lower field first, DV AVI Upper(I think).
DVDWS should convert it properly, if it's not working, you could change it... not sure those settings are in DVDWS2 Disc Template Manager (mpeg render settings)...
might be best to try rendering to MPG2 from within premiere pro, change settings there.

Jittering Video

Post by Jethro »


This post has come along at just the right time. I have the same problem. I will try to briefly describe what I am doing and give it some context:

Until very recently, I was using Magix Movie Edit Pro to edit my digital home movies. I liked the editor but hated the DVD Menuing package so I would mix-down my videos using Magix to the so-called DV-AVI format. The final, single video stream could be anywhere from 1/2 hour to almost two hours in length.

I love the DVD Workshop menu editor and the video codec always produced nice, smooth video with very little compression artifacts, even for the longer videos where I would reduce the bit rate to as low as 4000BPS (constant).

I recently switched to Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0. It also provides an export option to "DV-AVI". However, it appears that there are some subtle differences. I took the DV-AVI files produced by Premiere and handled them in exactly the same way as I did with the files from Magix. The results that I am getting are exactly as that described by Amylene: Intolerable jittering and jumping whenever the camera pans or zooms in or out. Also, objects moving across the view suffer the same way.

So, noting that the original video is coming from the same camera, the DV-AVI results are being handled in exactly the same way with U-Lead DVD Workshop, and the DVD is being played on the same equipment, that leaves us with the DV-AVI files that are produced by Premiere. I know this is not a Premiere user group but, there could be settings in DVD Workshop that could produce better results depending on where the source video files are coming from. On the other hand, what is it about the DV-AVI files coming from Premiere that produce such awful results when put through the same codec? When I view the DV-AVI files using Real Player or Windows Media Player, they look just fine.

I should make one final note: I DID use the DVD Editing component of Premiere to produce a DVD with the same DV-AVI files as I used with Workshop. The results were just fine. There was no jitter at all. The reason that I would prefer to use DVD Workshop is that I have been disappointed by the lack of flexibility and options provided by Premiere's DVD editor.

That's my bit. If I discover anything or make any progress with this, I will be sure to update this thread with my findings. But any advice or input would be appreciated.

Mark R.
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