Looking for a partner in crime

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Looking for a partner in crime

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I own an older version of 3D Studio Max and I have a few other 3D programs, but all of them are more difficult to use than I need them to be. So, as best I can, I try to do everything in C3DPS which is not easy.

I had a project at work and our client was willing to pay good money, so I talked my boss into buying a copy of Deep Exploration CAD edition so that I could use a commercial 3DS file we bought in a C3DPS project.

One benefit is that I how can use DE on the various free models available on the web and convert/fix them to work with C3D.

I'm looking for someone who wouln't mind helping me out a little. For example, I have a number of free car models I downloaded. I've successfully imporrted them into C3D, but C3D groups everything together and doesn't let you manage individual objects like wheels and such. So, I'm looking for someone who can help me to create some C3D group objects from some 3DS models. I can import the car body and the wheels seperately, the wheels just have to be moved into position and grouped, then they can be rotated in an animation. Same with doors, hoods, etc. Wheels on planes. Doors on houses. That kind of thing.

Then we can upload them somewhere and make them available for other C3D users (I'm hoping to get enough people interested in using C3D again that Corel will continue developing the product).

Can anyone help?